Why Daniel Beer Sends EVERY Client to Samuel Scott to get Pre-Approved

Posted by on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 at 11:49am

A message from Daniel Beer, a top producing agent based out of the Windermere Homes & Estates Santaluz office.

“When I started to get really serious about my real estate sales business I knew there were a few key things I needed to do. At the top of that list was to find a great lender and build a relationship that would benefit both our businesses. I found the perfect partner in Samuel Scott Financial Group. 

I had been in this business for 7 years already and I had worked with a number of good loan officers.  However, I did not feel like I had the right team in place for the type of volume I was starting to do and where I was looking to take my business.

I had been interacting for a few months with Samuel Scott and I knew in my gut that it was their systems, professionalism, straight forward approach, and incredible follow through that I would need to get ahead.  Not to mention that they have access to excellent loan programs.

My gut couldn't have been more right.  For the first time in my career, I literally have clients emailing to thank me for having referred them.  It is just amazing.

It is like having a second assistant (not on payroll, which is absolutely awesome) that makes my life so much easier.  They help with lead follow up, keep me up to date on time lines, and fix problems before anyone ever really notices they are there.   The interesting thing is that by referring them it actually makes me look like a better Realtor in my client's eyes due to how professional they are.  Knowing good people is a reflection of yourself.

Basically, the way they work loans compared to most other lenders is like a real estate agent that just puts their listings on the San Diego MLS and calls it a day vs an agent that really pushes the property, understands staging, networking, pricing strategies, creative marketing, has great follow up, and negotiation skills.  In other words, they earn their money.

A great lender partner is easy to recognize because the deals you do where they are involved, compared to those where the buyer selects their own lender, run like night in day.  One runs smooth while the other has hiccups.  With one you know exactly where the loan stands and with the other you are in the dark and leaving voicemail after voicemail.  With one you don't even have to make calls at all because they call you.  In fact, Samuel Scott sends me a weekly loan update with current status in addition to our phone communication.  I love that.

I will leave you with my favorite thing that a great lender should be doing for you.  When I am negotiating a deal on behalf of the buyer, I will usually have my lender call the listing agent directly and assure them of how qualified our client is.  You know how many times that has broken a tie for my client vs another buyer?  Tons.

Create a relationship and get the most out of it.  Both parties will be thankful.” 

Read More about Samuel Scott Financial Group here!


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